Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Rating: R
Length: 107 minutes
Director: Danny Boyle (Trainspotting; 28 Days Later)
Writer: Alex Garland (28 Days Later; The Beach)
Starring: Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh, Cliff Curtis

“Sunshine” was overlooked during its short summer theatrical run and now it’s out on DVD- so you should watch it. It’s a sci-fi picture, yeah, but it’s an intelligent thriller too- the eeriness of “Event Horizon” combined with the brains of the original “Solaris”. In other words- if you normally don’t like science-fiction, you still might like this. A crew of astronauts are sent into space to re-attempt a mission to re-ignite the sun. After traveling for seven years and nearing their destination, they run across the original mission that failed. What follows is a cleverly directed thriller that demands a lot of attention to detail. Danny Boyle has made an interesting career for himself (he re-teams with “28 Days Later” writer Alex Garland here) and he’s given the sci-fi genre a much needed shot in the arm. The genre has been pretty much brainless since the “Solaris” remake (also sadly overlooked). “Sunshine”, I think, will find it’s audience now and it’ll start to get it’s due.

Soundtrack downloads:
Underworld- Peggy Sussed (River Run Version)
I Am Kloot- Avenues of Hope (RECOMMENDED)


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I couldn't find the soundtrack for sale online- sorry. I recommend it if you can find it.

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