Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Rating: R
Length: 105 minutes
Director: Chris Siverston (The Best of Robbers; All Cheerleaders Die)
Writer: Jeff Hammond
Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, Spencer Garrett, Brian Geraghty, Brian McNamara, Paula Marshall, Neal McDonough, Colleen Porch, Jessica Rose, Donovan Scott

I Know Who Killed Me” recently broke the record for most Razzie wins in a single year (winning seven of eight nominations). For those of you unfamiliar with the Razzies- they are the opposite of the Oscars- awarding the worst in the year of cinema. This is a bad movie, make no mistake about it, but I have to say that there were far worse movies in 2007 (Delta Farce? Epic Movie? Good Luck Chuck?). The Razzies are more guilty than the Oscars when it comes to flash and it’s definitely more than likely this movie got all of that attention because of Lindsay Lohan. Lohan, to be fair, probably did deserve the Worst Actress Award (technically she tied herself- she was nominated for both of the roles she plays in the movie). My girlfriend loves her, but I’ve never found her to be a capable actress- save for “Mean Girls” and “The Parent Trap” remake (she got a slide for “Prairie Home Companion” thanks to her supporting cast- they could have made Paris Hilton look good). Here she plays innocent high school senior Aubrey Fleming- an aspiring writer with a horny boyfriend (Brian Geraghty) and sweet, understanding parents (Julia Ormond, Neal McDonough). A local serial killer snatches her up one evening and when Aubrey is found- nearly dead and with a missing arm and leg- she claims she is not Aubrey Fleming, but a stripper named Dakota Moss. The detectives find the DNA doesn’t support her claim, so they blame Aubrey’s new personality on post traumatic stress, but Dakota insists she is not who they say she is. Meanwhile, the killer has found out that his victim has survived and is planning on finishing the job. There’s some twists and turns, but nothing that is going to catch any semi-intelligent viewer off guard. You do have to hand it to director Chris Siverston that he at least tries to mix things up a bit visually. This could have been a lot duller, but he chooses to add some flair to keep the eyes interested even if your brain is taking a hit mentally (particularly regarding the clumsy finale). Despite what the Razzies think, “I Know Who Killed Me” isn’t the worst movie ever, but it sure as hell isn’t a good one. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Lohan’s real future lies in starring in made for Lifetime Network movies?

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Sarah said...

If this had been promoted as a made for TV lifetime movie it would be a hit. That said, if I had seen it on Lifetime on one of my sick days I would have enjoyed the thin plot and many inconsistencies...I don't think it should have gotten all those razzies :)

Fetal Pig said...

I had somebody that didn't even read my review and accused me of not understanding the movie- despite the fact that I only described the plot of the movie and didn't give away any of the "plot twists". The only comment I made was that I found the "plot twists" to be obvious and boring (I understood the movie just fine- however, I find it annoying in reviews when reviewers give away the entire movie). I have no problem with disagreements with my reviews- I welcome them, but this person that wrote said comments didn't seem to take the time to read my review before he/she attacked me for not liking a movie that he/she liked. If you're going to come on the blog and make comments don't turn it into a pissing contest and please use spell check. And for godsake if you like "I Know Who Killed Me" so much then good for you- I hope you enjoy watching it multiple times and enjoy all of it's depth and intelligence- particularly when Lohan's character is haveing dellusions about her piano teacher!

CobaltDuck said...

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