Friday, March 28, 2008



: PG-13
: 85 minutes
: Craig Mazin (The Specials)
: Craig Mazin (Scary Movie 3; Scary Movie 4)
: Leslie Nielsen, Drake Bell, Pamela Anderson, Tracy Morgan, Sara Paxton, Christopher McDonald, Jeffrey Tambor, Nicole Sullivan, Kevin Hart, Marion Ross, Ryan Hansen, Keith David, Brent Spiner, Robert Joy, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko, Simon Rex, Dan Castellaneta, Craig Mazin, Kurt Fuller, Lil’ Kim

Another month, another unfunny spoof movie. Some say we should feel blessed that at least this one isn’t from the Epic Movie/Date Movie/Meet the Spartans duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Instead, we get one of the writers (Craig Mazin) from the last two “Scary Movie”s taking on sole writing and directing credit. Think about how most of those movies have at least four or five writers on hand and still manage to be completely hit or miss. Now imagine what one is like with just one behind the wheel. That movie is “Superhero Movie”. Sure “Airplane!”/”Kentucky Fried Movie” co-creator David Zucker (as producer) and the king of spoofs Leslie Nielsen are on board, but they would have been better off not getting involved at all. Teen superstar Drake Bell (whom I am unfamiliar with, but apparently has a hit sitcom on Nickelodeon) stars as Rick Riker. Where as the original “Scary Movie” basically spoofed “Scream”, “Superhero Movie”’s main target is “Spiderman”. Riker is a nerdy outcast who has a crush on the cute girl next door, Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton). During a school field trip to a museum, Riker is bit by a dragonfly and develops superhero powers and becomes, well, the “Dragonfly”. Standard and lazy spoofs of “Batman Begins” and “Fantastic Four” follow, though the movie has it’s best bit with it’s “X-Men” parody featuring “Saturday Night Live” vet Tracy Morgan as Professor Xavier. Comedy movie vet Christopher McDonald tries his best too as Dragonfly’s arch rival the “Hourglass”. However, just like the Friedberg/Seltzer bombs, “Superhero Movie” falls into the trap of just presenting an impersonation of what it’s spoofing instead of making it it’s own and even when it does it involves a lot of flatulence or piss. Put it this way- if your idea of a really hilarious gag is watching Mrs. Cunningham (Marion Ross) from “Happy Days” fart for five straight minutes while Riker and Jill try to have their first kiss then this movie will be gold to you.

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