Monday, April 07, 2008



: R
: 89 minutes
: Erik McArthur (Life Makes Sense If You’re Famous)
: Erik McArthur (Life Makes Sense If You’re Famous) and Nick Ballo
: Paris Hilton, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Tim Thomerson, David Keith, Jon Abrahams, Briana Evigan, Brian Hallisay, Phil Morris, Nicholle Tom, Lindsay Gareth, Erik McArthur, Johnny Messner, Danny Cooksey, Ted Lange

I just watched a movie that starred Paris Hilton and Jason Mewes (Jay from “Jay & Silent Bob” fame). I guess it was supposed to be a romantic-comedy. I will tell you one thing: going into it knowing what I knew- that the movie was resting itself on those two leads and their chemistry together- I got what I and anyone else who will watch this movie deserved. Nothing against Mewes. He does fine with his Jay schtick, though I think he’d even admit that anyone would be crazy to cast him in the lead of a romantic-comedy. He has a good amount of screen charisma for the Kevin Smith comedies, but here he can’t hold up and when you can’t hold up next to Paris Hilton, then who can you hold up next to? Smith himself dutifully helps his old friend out with a supporting role as his best friend (an extended cameo) throwing out just a few of the movie’s numerous fart gags. Mewes stars as Midwestern bartender Owen Peadman who comes out to Hollywood to try to earn enough money to save his father’s (Raymond O’Connor) bar. He stays with his in-the-closet Uncle Earl (David Keith) - and boy, do they run that gag in the ground- who is a camera man for an “Access Hollywood” type show. Owen accidentally gets his Uncle fired after a movie producer’s (legendary B-movie star Tim Thomerson) daughter Lisa (Hilton) almost runs him over with a golf cart. Determined to get his Uncle his job back, Owen attempts to persuade Lisa kindly. When she doesn’t want to help, he blackmails her to get close to her movie star boyfriend (Brian Hallisay), so his Uncle can get some dirt on him. Somewhere along the line, the movie turns into a love story between Owen and Lisa, even though they try to pass themselves off as “cousins” to her boyfriend. Their chemistry seems about as natural as two real life (non-redneck) cousins. Needless to say, this one skipped the theaters and went straight to DVD and to no surprise is all ready in the $4.88 bin at your local Wal-Mart. Why did I watch it? Morbid curiosity I suppose. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

(Note: Director Erik McArthur played Michael Stein on Nickelodeon’s infamous “Salute Your Shorts”. He makes a cameo here alongside ‘Budnick’ (Danny Cooksey) as well. My guess is Blake Sennett had much better things to do…)

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Jason said...

man, when i saw this on imdb 2 years or so ago, i thought "wow......"

apparently, i was right.