Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SHUTTER (2008)


: PG-13
: 85 minutes
: Masayuki Ochiai (Kansen; Saimin)
: Luke Dawson
: Rachel Taylor, Joshua Jackson, David Denman, James Kyson Lee, Maya Hazen, John Hensley, Megumi Okina, Daisy Betts, Adrienne Pickering

The raping of modern foreign horror cinema continues this time with an American update of the 2004 THAI- (GOT THAT THAI! Apparently I am a moron for not knowing that. Guess I need to bone up on my Thai cinema. My deepest apologies) hit (which admittedly I have never seen). Seems like the ripples of “The Ring” and “The Grudge” are still going strong- sadly the same can’t be said about the quality. There are a few scares here and there, but overall the plot has become so familiar- the wrongfully murdered person seeking vengeance through haunting- that you can’t help but figure out where things are going pretty quickly. Plus you know you’re in trouble when the biggest star power the movie can get is Joshua Jackson (what is this 1998?). At least “The Eye” had Jessica Alba. Jackson stars as Benjamin Shaw, a professional photographer, who is using his latest assignment in Japan as his honeymoon with his new bride Jane (Rachel Taylor) too. Things start off just peachy until Ben and Jane accidentally run over a local girl (Megumi Okina) during a dark night on the highway. Despite both of them visually seeing her hit, no body can be found and they continue to go about their business. Only problem is now the girl is starting to pop up in all of the photographs Ben is taking- as well as some older photographs. Jane begins to do some investigating (don’t they always?) and starts to learn some things that she probably should have left covered up. Then, of course, some causalities start occurring. Like I said earlier, there are some scares. You get the usual jumps and a few startles, but the familiarity of the whole scenario overshadows it. You’ll have everything figured out long before Jane does.

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